Tago Fabic Photographs
Sydney, Australia

I've absolutely loved taking photos from the moment I decided to get hold of my very first point-and-shoot.

Since then, I have grown to appreciate the intricacies of each setting and how important it is to communicate to the subject, whether it is a person trying to evoke a certain emotion or a place trying to reveal a story.

I consider myself a portraitist above anything else, as I have loved capturing frames where the focal point is a facet of humanity.

Do explore my PORTFOLIO to see the favourite photos I have snapped so far.

Love for Portraiture

Love for Portraiture

Taking portraits have always been my favourite. Thanks to friends who are willing subjects, we've grown to recognise the difference a relaxed shoulder or neck makes in a portrait.

Stories to Tell

Stories to Tell

For me, a finished photograph requires a certain feel or emotion. It must involve an underlying narrative for it to be captivating.

Translating Concepts

Translating Concepts

During eureka moments in the middle of the night or after a busy work day, I destress by executing concepts or experiments through photography.

Let's Collaborate

Coming up with a great photo that tells a story is a collaborative effort. I'm always up for any challenge, especially if it involves an interesting concept or a peg. We'll have fun, I promise.

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Tago Fabic

Sydney, Australia
Email: tagofabic@me.com
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